The Original Recipe

Our pizzeria serves up big pizzas, with big taste and that's a big deal.

Our crust is crisp and foldable so you can achieve the classic new york style fold.

Our ingredients are always fresh, providing the authentic taste of our original recipe since 1988.

Pizza Amore

Is Known For


Having The Best

Pizza On Island


St.Thomas' own

New York Style Pizzeria



First Opened in 1988

2nd Owner

Purchased in 1995

And Is Still

The Present Day Owner


  Original Taste

Since 1988

Cooked as Ordered

Served Fresh


New York Style!


Al Cohen's Mall



Just A Walk

From Town


Look For Our Sign


It's A Cozy Setting

Dine - In

Vintage Reminiscence Decor


Free WiFI


Pizza Pies & Pizza Slices

Salads, Sandwiches,

Cooked to Order 

Served Fresh​

New York Style!

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